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2019 - 2020 Lightning and SUP CUP 



Friday October 11th, 2019 - SDCKT Boathouse 

November 16th, 2019 - SDCKT Boathouse

Saturday, December 28th, 2019 - Tecolote 5000 Race - SDCKT Boathouse

Saturday, January 25th, 2020 - Hano Hano Race - San Diego (Bonita Cove)

Saturday February 1st, 2020 - SDCKT Boathouse

March 21st, 2020 - Dana Point (Baby Beach)

Saturday April 4th, 2020 - Silver Blade Regatta - SDCKT Boathouse

2018 - 2019 Lightning &SUP CUP AWARD Winners


2018 - 2019 Winners: Myles Plaskonos & Leilani Williams

2nd: Isaac Hyatt & Loriann Pothier

3rd: Kayden Brisco & Audrey Cohn

Award Winners 2017/2018

2017/2018 Race Results

2016/2017 Race Results

2015/2016 Race Results

2013/2014 Race Results

SDCKT Lightning, SUP CUP & Epic V7 Race Series

The Lightning Class Series will be held once a month from Oct - April at SDCKT's Fiesta Island Boathouse location and one other local venue.

& Surfskis. The Tecolote 5000 (Dec); the Hano Hano (Jan) and the Silver Blade Regatta races are in San Diego and considered part of the Lightning Series. This is for 14&U to 12&U beginners to intermediate paddlers who are able to paddle 1000m in a Lightning kayak. Mexican Teams from Ensenada and Tijuana frequently join us for these exciting races in the "little yellow boats"! The SDCKT Lightning Class Boats were purchased from  KAYAKPRO thanks to a Grant frrom the LA84 Foundation. Epic V7's were added (2016/2017) thanks to another Grant from the LA84 Foundation

Rules: Must Race in a Lightning or EPic V7, Points of 20, 19.18 etc awarded to fastest finish at each Lightning Race. At the Tecolote 5000 and other races points given based on finish order. Athletes will be ranked based on their top 5 races in the series. Ties are broken by total of all races. 



The SDCKT SUP Cup Series is an excellent way for young water men and water women to learn how to race SUP in a kid friendly novice atmosphere. Points are totaled for the race series and each kids 5 best races count towards the overall SUP Cup winners. Young SUP paddlers also get to try their skills at kayaking in the Lightning Series!

This is for 14&U to 12&U beginners to intermediate paddlers who are able to paddle 1000m on a SUP.

Rules: Must Race on a 14' or less SUP, Points of 20, 19.18 etc awarded to fastest finish at each Lightning Race.  At Tecolote and other races points given based on finish order. Athletes will be ranked based on their top 5 races in the series. Ties are broken by total of all races.


2013 Lightning Series Champions                       2013 SUP Cup Champions

2012 Lightning Class Champions - Noa Hopper and Josie Ballard

The 2011-2012 Lightning Class Series turned into a repeat of last year with overall points winners once again being Noa Hopper and Josie Ballard. Points were awarded to the top finishers based on their age and their best finshes in 5 out of the 9 races.

Noa Hopper was unbeatable this year with a perfect 210 points despite outstanding performances by newcomer and 2 years younger Evan Truesdale who was close behind with 204 points.  

On the ladies side Josie Ballard led the series from the start scoring a total of 208 points, and this is the 2nd time Josie has her name added to the Trophy. The future looks good for the Bantam girls team as Josie was closley followed by Mira Corrao (205) and Lauryn DaCosta (201) and Lilly Glasser. 


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